We are pleased to announce that screenplay Ice Dancer, by D.G. Stern, has been endorsed by KIDS FIRST! In addition Ice Dancer was awarded an Honorable Mention for best screenplay at the Colorado Film Festival and also was selected as a quarter finalist at the Chicago Screenplay Awards (2021)



The Ice Dancer is inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen classic…with a twist. Set in a small rural town, this tale weaves a web of romance, adventure, and fantasy. Featuring childhood friends and skating partners, Hannah and Andrew; and Maximillian, a rather strange young man with a wizardry background. The beauty and grace of figure skating sets the theme for this timeless piece.



We are proud to announce that screenplay Mr. Mayor by D.G. Stern, was an official selection for the Portland Comedy Film Festival (2017 and 2018), an award nominee at the Houston Comedy Film Festival and a semifinalist at the Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay Awards (2020)




The Mayor is part political satire, part love story and 100% funny. The story describes the fall, rise and fall again of a big-time city mayor. Intrigue and a major character flaw contribute to Dominic DiPietro’s hard-handed and hardheaded domination of city politics. Supported by Angie and Vinnie in his quest of yet another election victory, Dominic crosses swords with Robert Symington, the president of the city council with aspirations of his own.


We are proud to announce that screenplay Tall, Dark and Handsome by D.G. Stern, was an award nominee for the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival (2018), an award finalist for the Houston Comedy Film Festival (2020). winner of the Reno Comedy Film Festival (2021) and Semi-Finalist of Fade In Awards Comedy Competition (2022)




A New York city party planner, Megan, over the course of one day: has a major event ruined, is cheated on by her fiancée, and gets mugged. However, it looks like her luck might be changing when a suave Wall Street cowboy come into the picture and asks her to plan his wedding.


We are proud to announce that screenplay What Goes Around... by D.G. Stern, is an official selection of the Houston Comedy Film Festival (2019), an award finalist Texas Short Film Festival (2022) and an official selection of the Reno Comedy Film Festival (2022)




What Goes Around... is an entertaining light urban comedy/adventure with characters with whom everyone can identify. Charlie is a 28-year-old junior executive struggling to climb the corporate ladder at a major computer company. Nan is a resourceful young woman who gets caught up with Charlie in high-stakes corporate espionage.


 We are proud to announce that the new screenplay Take Two and Hit to Right by D.G. Stern, is an official selection of Florida Script Challenge and an official selection of the Orlando International Film Festival.



The national pastime, baseball, has been part of the American fabric for well over a century. Take Two and Hit to Right follows an "all" Black barnstorming baseball team in the rural Midwest during the summer of 1930. The players understand that regardless of their abilities, they will never play in the all-white major leagues. They also understand the unwritten rules of what can be be done and what cannot be done in both Black and white societies.


We are proud to announce that Button, Button... is about to be submitted to film festivals throughout the country. 

Arthur is a regular 13-year-old boy. He loves baseball and music, and he is very good at both. He lives in a small town with his widowed mother. When he hears about a kid's TV show coming to town to look for contestants, he decides to audition, although he is nervous about whether he is good enough. His music teacher, Topper, is very supportive of Arthur, but he gets his pupil unknowingly involved in a high-tech theft.

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