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Not very far from the big city is a very special farm.

It’s special because it grows special trees…Christmas trees!

The trees are able to stretch their graceful branches covered with needles and pine cones toward the sun as they grow taller and taller-all but one.

The Loneliest Tree celebrates themes of continuity, enduring faith and vision, and surviving loss and rejection at a special holiday season of love and peace.”                                                     Midwest Book Review



On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

"It is simple and easy to read and the illustrations remind you of beautiful water color beach images. I would recommend for all ages but is best for ages 5-18. 5 Stars!"                                   KIDS FIRST!

"25 Days of Tropical Christmas takes all readers on a magical journey to distant shores to experience a different tradition of Christmas."                                                                             Midwest Book Review


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I'm Francis...and I'm a mouse. Well, not an ordinary mouse...I'm a firehouse mouse because I live in a firehouse.
Being a firefighting mouse can be exciting and very rewarding, especially when I help people.

"I believe this story will entertain young children and includes many pro-social and educational benefits. Many young readers may want to visit a fire station or learn even more about these amazing heroes after reading this book." KIDS FIRST!

"(Francis-the Firehouse Mouse) is very informative but also extremely easy to understand for children which is very important. We are honored that you decided to write a book that has a message that’s near and dear to a lot of our hearts, fire safety." Florida Fire Chiefs' Association

"We wish you the best of luck with Francis the Firehouse Mouse!" City of Orlando Fire Department

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There once was a boy
with a blanket quite rare
that his mother had told him
was made with great care.

"Specially created illustrations with strokes of crayon color offer a vibrant backdrop to this charming verse story for children ages 6-10."  Midwest Book Review

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        Sophie the Skunk is a funny, heartwarming story for young children, which emphasizes the importance of children trying new experiences and of their parents allowing them to investigate different avenues without pressure.

Sophie the Skunk is written for all those who hope to give their children the opportunity to find for themselves their talents and to have confidence in themselves as they learn that trying is good and winning is not everything.

In our world of competition, Sophie the Skunk stands out as a hope for simplicity and growth.

"I believe young children will enjoy Sophie and relate to her struggles and obstacles as she searches to find her talent. The illustrations are wonderful.  Without any hesitation, I give this 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 3 to 8."                                                                                                KIDS FIRST!


Even Francis needs a vacation every once in a while. He decides to visit his brother, Freddie, who lives on a farm far from the bustling city.

There are many chores that have to be done each day-caring for the animals-working in the fields-picking vegetables for the market and planting new crops to harvest later in the season.

It is really different from fighting fires.


"This book teaches children about the world around them as well as some of the good values one should have and practice. It has great educational content, wonderful collages of real pictures of objects and designs, great vocabulary and stimulates family reading due to its high-level vocabulary." KIDS FIRST!

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                                    Once you open the door to Anna Belle’s bakery, 
you know that you have entered some place very 
special. The smell of freshly baked bread; the taste of 
double chocolate chip cookies; the vision of colorfully 
decorated birthday cakes and the sound of… Wait! 
Pastry doesn’t have a sound.

After you meet Anna Belle, you also know you have met 
someone quite marvelous. She is creative, full of energy 
and probably the best detective in town.
Join Anna Belle and her feline assistant, Jocko, as they 
reveal the true identity of the culprit who has been 
robbing neighbors and end her light finger lifting of precious jewels in Fudge Fatale.

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"I would recommend this book for a younger reader, perhaps in the 8-12 range. The silliness of the ending and cartoonish quality of the illustrations would fit this age group. The writing is easy enough..." Online Book Club

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Francis is exhausted. He has been working extra shifts because many of his fellow firefighters have been out sick. The Chief tells Francis that he needs to take a few days off and relax.
Francis decides that he will go to the beach and visit his sister, Fiona, who works as a lifeguard. It has been a long time since he has walked along the sandy shore.
Fiona is delighted that her firefighting big brother is coming and she wants to share with him all the amazing things the oceans have to offer.

"This is a very interesting and engaging book with terrific pictures, a nice plot and interesting storyline." KIDS FIRST!

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 Being a firefighter in a large city is exciting and fill with day-to-day challenges. Each fire presents a different situation to which the men, women and mouse firefighters must analyze, adapt, and adjust. The work is both physically and mentally strenuous, so when Francis is scheduled for a vacation, he wants to totally relax.                                                                                  
Francis’ twin siblings, Phyllis, and Phillip, live on a ranch near the mountains. The air is fresh and clean and the opportunity to explore the “wild west” is very cool. In order to spend the most amount of time at the ranch, Francis decides he has to take an airplane, which terrifies him a little since he has never been on an plane before.

The ranch has horses, buffalo, and cattle with long horns, which are very different from the dairy cows at his brother, Freddie’s farm. This is going to be an adventure.                                                 


Neptune Press will be releasing these following titles over the next few months:

    The “castle” on the outskirts of town has always been a source of rumors and whispers. Although nothing bizarre ever happens, an aura of mys­tery surrounds the huge estate. No one has ever seen the owner. Everything is delivered. No one ventures out, until one day.

Anna Belle is probably the most beloved person in town, not only because she is genu­inely nice, but she owns the local bakery and is known as the best pie maker, cake maker, cookie maker, and fudge maker in the county. Anna Belle is also a solver of mysteries. A culinary sleuth, who together with her feline assistant, Whiskers, are from time to time called upon to apply her deductive reasoning skills to unravel and resolve.

When Mrs. Potterhouse breathlessly enters the Police Chief Locket’s office (Anna Belle’s cousin) and says that she has seen a ghost at the “castle”. What’s a police chief to do about a ghost? Call Anna Belle.    


Just wait until you get to meet Croakie and all his friends. They will tickle your funny bone, make you smile and become your new best friends.


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