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Neptune Press is a small independent publisher with an emphasis on books for children and traditional mysteries. 

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In addition to the Upton Charles-Dog Detective series, Neptune Press has published a number of other titles and here are a few selections:

How could this possibly happen?

When a convicted murderer, Billy O’Brien, serving two consecutive life sentences, is suddenly released from a maximum security prison due to a clerical error, a massive man-hunt ensues.
Not only are the BPD and Massachusetts State Police trying to find the escaped convict — but so are the FBI and the CIA — and the Mob — each for entirely different reasons. Chris Callahan is a retired Boston homicide detective, who also happens to be O’Brien’s childhood friend… and the officer who put him behind bars.
The entire law enforcement community agrees on only one thing: 
Callahan is the only one who can bring him in…alive.

 “There’s Always Tomorrow is a riveting read of mystery and adventure, very much recommended reading” Midwest Book Review 

                                    AVAILABLE ON KINDLE

Not very far from the big city is a very special farm.
It’s special because it grows special trees…Christmas trees!
The trees are able to stretch their graceful branches covered with needles and pine cones toward the sun as they grow taller and taller-
                            all but one.

The Loneliest Tree celebrates themes of continuity, enduring faith and vision, and surviving loss and rejection at a special holiday season of love and peace.” Midwest Book Review


Did the perfect company get away with the perfect crime?

They had the perfect business plan. The investors ponied up the millions they needed. The company was humming along on all cylinders. And then one day they disappeared. Along with all their research, files and computers ... and a vial of the deadly Ebola virus that no one knew they had.
Enter Stephen Blackman, a fifty-something burned-out lawyer working his first case as a private investigator. Hired to try and find the missing scientists, Blackman turns up a dead body instead. And when the FBI arrives on the scene Blackman can’t be sure if they’re good guys or bad. But he’s caught up in this high-stakes, high-risk and highly confusing case to find the missing scientists before someone releases the deadly virus on an unsuspecting world. Blackman bounces against the worlds of international espionage, national politics, and high technology in the first of a series featuring a different kind of private eye.

"Simply stated, "Hot Tea...Cold Case" by D. G. Stern is a riveting mystery/suspense story that will seize and hold the reader's total attention from beginning to end. Superbly crafted twists and turns, all leading to an unexpected and climatic conclusion, "Hot Tea...Cold Case" is very highly recommended for mystery fan personal reading lists and will prove to be a popular addition to community library Mystery/Suspense collections." Midwest Book Review

"An impressive debut from a talented new writer." ME Magazine

       AVAILABLE ON KINDLE                                    

Golf has never tasted as good! 
Recipes from America's Finest Clubs-The Southeast

"This is a collector's item and the perfect gift for any avid golfer." Golf Central Magazine

"Entertaining golf buddies for the holidays? This holiday season you can check out ‘Recipes from America’s Finest Clubs'."

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On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

"It is simple and easy to read and the illustrations remind you of beautiful water color beach images. I would recommend for all ages but is best for ages 5-18. 5 Stars!" KIDS FIRST!

"25 Days of Tropical Christmas takes all readers on a magical journey to distant shores to experience a different tradition of Christmas." Midwest Book Review


Spring in New York finds a group of seven friends struggling to reunite a year after college. There’s the beautiful, yet all-too-trusting Lana; David, the urbane womanizer; lost Aaron; Amanda, the ambitious opportunist; and Hunter, the troubled pariah. Telling their story is Will Harrison who, while trying to bring his friends together, begins to explore a future with his childhood sweetheart, Emily. Dingy subways, towering apartments, candlelit tables, white hospital rooms, and of course, Central Park, are just some of the destinations in this story of relationships – both strengthened and forgotten. 

There once was a boy
with a blanket quite rare
that his mother had told him
was made with great care.

"Specially created illustrations with strokes of crayon color offer a vibrant backdrop to this charming verse story for children ages 6-10."  Midwest Book Review

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                                             JUST RELEASED

Auto racing is a dangerous sport. 
Everyone knows that. 
Sometimes people are even killed-usually drivers ... 
So the death of driver, Charles William Tyler Ill wasn't totally unexpected, except that he was stabbed in the back-in bed-in his motor home-at the Citrus Grove Raceway. 

"A truly fun read for those who like a good mystery, or a good vintage racing event, or both.  D.G. captured every bit of the vintage world of racing world.  It's a vivid picture with believable personalities and great cars, and one "who dun it" that will keep you guessing to the very end."  Jeanette Veitenheimer Lime Rock Park
Historic Festival Executive Administrator 

Stabbing Along the Straightaway was just awarded an Honorable Mention for general fiction at the 

Florida Book Festival



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Neptune Press will be releasing these following titles over the next few months:





Neptune Press is pleased to announce that screenplay Ice Dancer, by D.G. Stern, has been endorsed by KIDS FIRST! In addition Ice Dancer was awarded an Honorable Mention for best screenplay at the Colorado Film Festival

Neptune Press is proud to announce that screenplay The Mayor by D.G. Stern, was an official selection for the Portland Comedy Film Festival


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