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 Introducing the Upton Charles-Dog Detective adventure series for younger readers.

These books combine reading flexibility with action packed mystery. Each book is narrated by Upton, a fluffy white Bichon Frise (that’s “BEE-shon free-ZEY”) who guides the Charles family, including pre-teen twins, Alex and Veronica, through many exciting adventures, offering pearls of doggie wisdom and interesting historical facts along the way. 

The stories are told in the first person present tense so that the reader can participate in the adventure in ‘real time’. Although there are numerous polysyllabic words, each can be easily ‘broken down’ into readable segments. Also, whenever a proper noun is used that might not be otherwise familiar to the reader, it is also phonetically spelled.

Upton now has standards based activity work books for all the titles in the series! click on the tab on nav bar above

Each book in the Upton Charles series has an ATOS (Accelerated Reader) book level (between 3.8 and 4.6) and AR point levels and a Lexile measure between 580L and 750L.

The series is 'Perfect for the read-to-me or the I-can-read-it myself age group.'  
The Boston Globe 

Upton is pleased to announce that Neptune Press now has a Resource Center-click on the tab on nav bar above.